unbridled morning joys

saw the sweetest thing this morning. i was up at 4am to run into town, it was dark then, but as the sky got lighter, the suns rays could not be seen due to the intense smoke from wildfires in the area, but the morning progressed from total darkness to dappled light. a little background, there has been a single canadian goose that has been hanging out in the harvested wheat field next to us, gorging the leftover wheat within the field stubble, mr. goose had buddies a few days ago, but they flew off somewhere and he’s been left to dine alone. also, we have two orphaned deer, one i call babykins and the other lambykins. they are young enough to still have their spots. we’ve determined them not to be siblings as there is a difference in size that littermates would not have. but they hang out together for company i guess. this morning they were in the farmers field as well. babykins, the smaller of the two, looking more like a runt, took off at full run towards mr. goose. mr. goose took flight and flew a few feet in front of babykins, a couple feet over the wheat field…babykins giving full chase. babykins was looking like a dog, in fact i had to look twice in the semi-light to be sure it was babykins and not a coyote. he had his nose pointed toward the sky just as a dog would do. he / she ran off out of my view. a few seconds later, i hear the crunch of something in the wheat field, it’s babykins running at full tilt back to lambykins. such a joy to watch…unbridled curiosity…enthusiasm…a laugh escaped from me. such cuteness.
babykins made a large circle around lambykins and then again ran at full tilt towards where mr. goose had landed…made another big loop around and headed back to lambykins. had i had my wits about me i would have gotten my camera and filmed it, however, i was too enthralled with watching that little guy…such joy in his life….and he was expressing it…run like the wind…with no one watching. it’s going to make me smile everytime i think about it.
life is good…here at raven’s rest.