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Current Temperatures as of 05:05 PM: 50.34°F (outside) and 54.95°F (inside)

Welcome to Raven's Rest Weather!
Unfortunately, this site is no longer being updated with data as of the end of March 2020. I will be continuing the project soon, once I get another Raspberry Pi built and sensors installed. I'm leaving this up in case anyone looks at it and wants historical data or my code.
The site for the homemade weather station built from Raspberry Pi and a bunch of tutorials mashed together and customized.
This humble contraption is located just outside of Potlatch, Idaho and provides a detailed history of temperatures helpful for the growing season.
Temperature logging is just the beginning. Possibilities for future impelemntations are humidity logging, soil temperature and moisture levels, a 24/7 weather camera, temperature-controlled fans and lights for greenhouse use and much more!
Data is collected from 4 waterproof DS18B20 sensors every 5 minutes and stored into a hosted database for fast access and manipulation. Graphs are generated using the Google Graph API. The sensor-reading code and Pi setup for this station is from raspberryweather.com. However, the Python code has been modified for remote database, multiple sensor reading and storing the data differently. View my example here.