The Golden Rule

It’s kind of that whole “Golden Rule” thing…treat others as you would yourself like to be treated. This thought can be taken a bit further, to many ideas in your life…give…as you yourself would like to be given to…give of your time…give of your efforts…give of your smiles, they are free and you have plenty to spare…give…as you yourself would like to be given to. The same goes for loving. let those around you know that you love them, frequently, with vigor, with feeling…as you yourself would like to be loved. more importantly…love yourself as you wish to be loved. It genuinely starts there first. if your tank is not full…with self love…you cannot give it freely to others. How, you may ask, do i get my self love tank filled…to be able to freely give my love…you take care of yourself…as you would hope others would. dear child, it comes from you first, within you…then you may spread it about…as you would hope others would to you in return. In that unconditional giving…you tank fills.
Good day gentle readers. Practice that “Golden Rule”…as you would have them do to you.