spring’s dance

It is a frosty morning here at Raven’s Rest. A thin layer of crispy white covers everything. The starling is once again atop the power pole singing his heart out, as he does most mornings. He’s quite good at a variety of songs, but his own. In the far field, over the top of the frost covered hill comes an infantry of turkeys, 2 by 2. They are approaching a small bunch of deer, last years babies that the mothers have sent off into the real world to fend for themselves as she prepares to welcome this years fawn. The juvenile deer are inexperienced in life and simply do not know what the turkey’s true intentions are. The turkeys on the other hand have only spring on their minds. As they open their plumage it must frighten the deer as they take off running in every direction but away, such are the white-tailed deer here, very flighty. Still in formation, 2 by 2, the turkeys encroach upon the juvenile deer again, open their feathers and it starts all over, up down, sideways and such until the turkeys shrink to about 1/5 of their enlarged size…only to do it all again moments later. The sun is starting to rise. Clouds are moving in as well. The landscape is alternately bright with sunlight and glistening ice crystals, and then dark as clouds pass over the rising sun. As soon as I write this, the turkey and deer meet is over, each has moved on to their day’s plans. This greeting and dance does not last long, mere minutes. I’m blessed to be able to catch it. I truly wonder how many others did. That is what is happening here this morning. It’s another wonderful day here at Raven’s Rest.